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Waiting but still here
I am still here
and you left.
you promised
I promised
I can't blame
I can't imagine
It was too frail
It seemed too perfect
Such is the nature
such is the way
I gave you my trust
You gave me your heart
I wished I had listened deeper
I wished I had sought you
I thought I had known
I had dreamed too sweet
and you disappear
I simply let go
I couldn't bear
I wouldn't listen
The thoughts cut too deep
the wounds bled too openly
I took comfort in your arms
I hoped you'd found solace in mine
I wouldn't believe
I couldn't see
And now it has come to this
have I lost you entirely
i fear so
there is no turing back
perhaps not this time
there was an answer
I wished
that one I'd be denied
the frenzy or the fury
of my own agonized mind
but its not about me
you were what mattered
my words were honest
my words were mine
your purity I tasted
your escence divine
I would lose you again
to have you one more time
because I wished to give you all
I wished to find where I failed
I wished it would all be t
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Serpents Lie
Simple silken words
over ashen tongues bathed in lye
does it burn, do you feel it?
sitting upon your tongue
how does its taste?
what is its shape?
how does it roll around your chamber
and still it rests upon your tongue
Does it seem to be alive?
will you know it once its gone?
does it weigh upon your mind?
sitting naked on your tongue?
how do you know what it will become?
how could you let it, you so bold
So you are that full of pride
that you grew a lie upon your tongue.
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A falling tear
I fear the tear
So sullen dropped
From salty eye
With perfect shape
And gentle roundness
Roling tenderly over the warm breeze
Over while and billow
A trail of pressence the texture
Of silk rolling quickly
Dripping spinning
The flawless orb of moonlit majesty
Graceful in trail like the reflection of flight
So to the end of its run to the bottom of the ichor
Let go into the heavens
Forever fallen into illustory
Lost into the world like a saline globe of the heavens
The liquor of the hurt
The wine of the pained
A simple tear from the angel above
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Bitter Betrayal
Sweet flow of crimson crysallis,
nurturing and breeding, loving, conceeded.
Taste the flow of the nectar that runs through us
humid and thick, viscous and dark
How does it taste upon those rosey lie stained lips.
How does it feel upon that tongue of a traitor's mouth
Is this what you wanted to see,
So beautiful and vibrant
So healthy and cherished
Facades are the tools of the decadents.
They build mirror images like apparition in your eyes
draining deep your sucor from the grail that held the life
bitting down in vigor upon the bread that held the soul
life feeds on life
feeds upon the negativity of sin stained spirits
and heartless beasts.
As death was told as a bone white haze
the hopes of this young lie in a troubled grave.
and from another's love has he been estranged
burried alone, by treachery's gaze
Let the grace be given to redeem the folly
let light be granted to steal your black heart.
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Shadowed Eron by deleon Shadowed Eron :icondeleon:deleon 0 0
Shadows of Doubt
What lurks and hides behind those shadows of a doubt
Those simple petty words that weak hopeful smile
Does he seem to be caring full of cheer and full of love
Does this little charade fool you, all brambleline and twisted up
It's a statement of society that no one feels to look beyond
It's a statement of reality whne its preferable that they just move on
So what is there to see in my simple eyes
The commentable blue depths with green inside
Hiding behind that frail sarcastic grin
A creature that loves to fall
A man who touched divine
A little lie of an existent being
How much I long to touch again
To feel the warmth of an embrace
To hold you close with tight knit arms
Gentle enough for your own breath.
Its not a matter of doubtful feeling
A worryed spell of anxious paining
But a courtesy of living endowment
That I will honor all others before myself
So tired of fighting aching and longing
It's a simple matter really that my body's simply wishing on forgetting
Perhaps it will fade away
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For them
Its so simple really the things we endure
the lives we touch
that which we contact
for a year or for an hour
the simple truth of a fickle memory
fading into the mind,
does it truly fade or
do we push it aside
growing and learning being and seeing
the night's sweet majesty of tender shared moments
the day's long yearning of passionate shared kisses
Entropy is the dearest catch all for our petty hatreds
and lifelong loves
but is everything victim to the ever growing change
we would like to say no,
we would like to believe in eternity
alas we may never know
because eternity is something that is unfathomable
And so we live, and we love
and we taste this life from experience and moments
the brevity we share
the pain we learn from
Everything in life is a clockwork masterpiece
and there is no such thing as time
and so as I sit, and I write this poem of mine
I reflect on the moments
on the pain
on the love
on the sharing
on the caring
on that which matters most
and that which stole my life
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